Active Shield Technology

Innovation in Motion:
The reduction in Spatter Adhesion now being pushed as high as 90%

The Active Shield Technology consists of two new additions to the control of welding spatter

  • the first being an Electronic unit powered from the 24 volt gas valve in the wire feed unit which adds a Positive Electrostatic Charge to the mist generated in the MT 135 Sprayer.
  • the second is an even more efficient fluid to enhance the electronic unit’s performance.
Active Shield Function

The function of the new Active Shield device is to significantly increase the effect of reducing welding spatters achieved with the use of the Mig Transit Sprayer.

  • By adding a positive electrostatic charge to the protective mist particles generated by the Mig Transit Sprayer, the electrostatically charged mist particle droplets after this process pass through the gas nozzle at the end of the welding torch and are naturally attracted to the negatively charged metal surfaces around the welding arc.

Spatter reduction rates of up to 90% are being achieved.

The New Electronic Unit can be added to your existing MT 135 Sprayer for use with the existing fluid until it runs out and replacing with the new fluid and still achieving even better results.

Safety Info
Installation Info


  • less clean down times
  • increase consumable life
  • nil or less visits to a cleaning station thus increasing “welding cycle” times
  • reduce tooling wear and clean down times